Community Equity and Advisory Table

We’re Recruiting! (deadline extended to Friday March 25th!)

We are recruiting individual community leaders, advocates, professionals and front-line service providers to serve on a community advisory panel. As a member of the panel, you will provide guidance for our research and community engagement, while advising on the needs and experiences of impacted communities. It is particularly important that the panel provides insights about diverse lived experiences, especially those that are underrepresented in the existing project team. For this reason, we are especially seeking individuals working with and belonging to equity deserving communities and sovereignty deserving communities.  We welcome people who work or volunteer on transportation issues as well as those who work or volunteer on intersecting issues (housing, poverty, food, energy, etc.).

The Role

The table will meet approximately 6 times a year on weekday evenings, and each meeting will last between 1 and 2 hours (plus 30 min to an hour of prep work). As an advisor on the Table, you will be:

We are seeking people with skills or interest  in community organizing, advocacy, public engagement, or community-based research and/or experience working with equity deserving communities and sovereignty deserving communities. The table will also elect a co-chair who will work with the partnership’s director to guide the Table and represent community voices on the project Leadership Committee. This person will receive additional compensation.

The Benefits

Members will be compensated $200 per meeting, and this compensation can be provided as direct payment to someone serving as an individual or can be provided to a nonprofit organization if you would like to serve in a professional capacity representing your organization. We are also excited to have you join our national network of over a 100 researchers, practitioners, advocates, and students, and to publicize your own equity achievements through our media resources. This may include featuring an interview about your work, or experiences, in our blog or news items.  

The Research

MJ is composed of six research working groups tackling interrelated questions about transportation and equity.  They are: National Survey on Transport Poverty, Data Driven Equity Standards, Innovative Pilots and Policies , Prioritizing Populations, The Modes, and Equitable Community Planning and Engagement


We anticipate the first meeting taking place in April, 2022 and meeting every other month thereafter (via Zoom). 

The Application

You can apply using this form. Or, you can email us a few sentences, or an audio recording or video recording, telling us:

You can apply with this form, or email with answers to the above questions, or text it to 416-669-2059. We will start the table selection process after March 25th.

Mobilizing Justice is committed to diversity and intentional inclusion within its community and encourages people from equity deserving communities and sovereignty deserving communities to apply.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Orly Linovski at orly.linovski [at]