Who We Are


Steven Farber, Assistant Professor of Human Geography, University of Toronto Scarborough

 Professor Farber is a transportation geographer and spatial analyst. His research investigates the social and economic outcomes of transportation and land use decision making in urban areas. He is currently working on projects related to the distributional aspects of transit accessibility, personal mobility, and participation in the activities of daily life. He has authored more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters is on the editorial board of five international geography and transportation journals, and chairs the Social and Economic Factors Committee at the Transportation Research Board, one of the US National Academies of Science. Dr. Farber’s work has been recently recognized by an Emerging Scholar Award from the Spatial Analysis and Modelling Groups of the American Association of Geographers, and an Early Researcher Award from the Ontario Ministry of Research, Science and Innovation. Follow Steve @FarberSteven 


Amer Shalaby, Professor of Civil and Mineral Engineering, University of Toronto

 Professor Shalaby is specialized in transit planning and operations, intelligent transportation systems, and transportation planning for large-scale events and mega cities. His research program has been sponsored by many organizations from both the public and private sectors. In addition to research, Dr. Shalaby has delivered consulting services to various transportation organizations in Canada and internationally, and he has offered annual short courses on public transit planning and modelling to the professional community since 2008. Dr. Shalaby has been an active member of several transit technical committees of the TRB, he serves as associate editor of the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering and he sits on the editorial board of several international journals. Dr. Shalaby has also served on advisory panels of multiple transportation projects in Canada and internationally. Between 2008 and 2010, Professor Shalaby held an honorary appointment of a visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University. He has received several recognitions for his research contributions and professional expertise, including the TRB William Millar Award (2015), ThinkTransit Award of Excellence in Innovation (2019) and Sandford Fleming Award (2019). 


Matthew Palm, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Human Geography, University of Toronto Scarborough

 Dr. Matthew Palm is a postdoctoral research fellow of the Mobilizing Justice XSeed Collaborative Project. He is based in the Department of Human Geography at the University of Toronto Scarborough. He has worked previously as a research fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and as a research analyst at the California Housing Finance Agency. His research spans housing and transportation planning and their integration, with a focus on equity. His published research includes articles in the Journal of the American Planning Association, Transportation, Transport Geography, Housing Policy Debate and others.  His professional and academic interests span housing and transportation topics in Australia, Canada and the United States.