Theme 1

Prioritizing Populations

Academic lead: Michael Widener - University of Toronto
Partner lead: Jean-François Cantin - Autorité Régionale de Transport Métropolitain

A country as diverse as Canada requires a similarly diverse range of transportation options to meet its residents’ mobility needs. This working group will identify who within Canada’s diverse communities is struggling due to transportation barriers, how this need varies by community, and how identified needs can best be met. This working group will focus particularly on the needs and aspirations of people historically underserved by the transportation system.

The Priority Populations working group will begin with a systematic review of how transportation surveys have documented the unmet transportation needs of people from different walks of life, identifying the gaps in knowledge and practice.  Priority Populations will also develop a national atlas of neighbourhoods that have not been provided the transportation resources they need to thrive. Then, this working group will conduct mixed-methods case studies identifying the needs of populations that are underserved by existing transportation systems, emphasising the intersectional nature of Canadians’ mobility needs.