26 Sep 2023
Are We Moving Towards More Equitable Bike Sharing? Applying a Socio-Spatial Lens to Public Bike Share Access in the City of Vancouver
Christine Yanagawa

In this blog post, Christine Yanagawa, PhD student from Simon Fraser University, shares findings from a socio-spatial analysis on access to public bike share in… Read More

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25 Aug 2023
Lived Experiences of Transport Poverty in a Montreal Suburb: A Case Study of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu
Rosalie Joly Simard

Rosalie is a master’s student studying Urban Planning at McGill University. Her work focuses on public transit and transportation equity. In this blog, she investigates… Read More

17 Aug 2023
Evaluating transport poverty and the risk of social exclusion in Canada
Maria Laura Guerrero

There is no precise definition of transport poverty, not in academic circles nor public administration, but in general terms, it is understood as the inability… Read More

12 Jun 2023
My Public Transit Experience in Ghana and Canada
Robert Nutifafa Arku

Robert Arku is a PhD student in Geography at the University of Toronto. His work focuses on the impact of transportation on housing affordability and… Read More

16 May 2023
Considering Immigration and Transit Planning in Prairie Cities
Abigail McLaren

In this blog post, recent Masters in Planning graduate Abigail McLaren from the University of Manitoba discusses the importance of immigration in transit planning in… Read More

9 May 2023
Transportation Equity? Not without understanding the politics of decision making  
Samantha Leger

The recent controversy over 15-minute cities suggests that tackling the politics of transportation is key for reaching equity. In this post, Waterloo University PhD candidate… Read More

19 Apr 2023
Improving transportation infrastructure for the aging population
Victoria Ramirez

Victoria is a graduate student in the Department of Geography at McGill University in Montreal, she studies older adults’ mobility. Improvements in technology and health… Read More

3 Apr 2023
TTC service cuts and transit equity: reflections on a recent report
Tess Peterman

Tess Peterman is a graduate student with the TransForm Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University. On March 26th, 2023, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) implemented Phase… Read More

7 Mar 2023
Learning how to ride the bus with BEST
Matthew Palm

The Easy Riders project is a program operated by Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST), a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing environmental justice in British Columbia. Read More

27 Feb 2023
From ‘who’ and ‘what’ to ‘why’ and ‘how’: Why we need to reframe the concepts of ‘marginalized’ or ‘vulnerable’ population’
Paromita Nakshi

Paromita Nakshi is a graduate student in Planning at the University of Toronto who researches transportation and social exclusion. The domain of transportation needs a… Read More

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9 Feb 2023
How are the replacement buses doing on Queen and King streetcar lines?
Paromita Nakshi

Paromita Nakshi is a graduate student in Planning at the University of Toronto who researches transportation and social exclusion. Motivation The motivation of this blog… Read More

24 Jan 2023
Differences by Community Size: Reflections on the Survey of Local Elected Officials
Abigail McLaren

Mobilizing Justice’s Theme 3 recently completed a survey of elected officials on transportation equity. In this blog post, University of Manitoba graduate student… Read More