1 Oct 2022
Transit on time arrival: explorations from an equity perspective
Owen Chiu and Matthew Palm

Arriving late to work or a doctor’s visit because your bus ran late can be more than just a minor inconvenience. Research suggests that… Read More

26 Aug 2022
Transit fare capping: the what, why, and who is likely to benefit
Owen Chiu and Matthew Palm

What is fare capping? Fare capping is an approach to setting transit fares in which riders do not pay for additional rides above a… Read More

18 Aug 2022
Who Feels Safe on Transit? 
Owen Chiu and Matthew Palm

The perception that public transit is unsafe can lower travelers’ willingness to ride.  It can also deter riders from traveling on transit at night,… Read More

9 Aug 2022
Canadian community initiatives working towards transportation equity
Kara Martin

Transport poverty occurs when inequitable transportation infrastructure and systems impede access to employment, services, educational opportunities, food, open space and leisure, and other destinations. People… Read More

7 Jun 2022
Comparing my experience cycling in Vancouver and Montréal
Kate Hosford

Kate Hosford, PhD Candidate at Simon Fraser University, spent the month of May in Montréal working with Dr. Lise Gauvin at the University of… Read More

Maps & Data
22 Apr 2022
Who Faces Extreme Commute Times in Canada?
Jeff Allen and Matt Palm

There is conventional wisdom, as well as extensive academic research, that spending a long time commuting to work is undesirable. Unfortunately, some communities are… Read More

Maps & Data
8 Apr 2022
Canadian cities during COVID-19: did rents go down in transit-rich neighbourhoods?
Matt Palm

Mobilizing Justice’s Prioritizing Populations working group has a forthcoming report on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on transportation inequities in Canada. As part… Read More

10 Mar 2022
When colleagues doubt that equity matters—Lessons from ALDTREC
Matt Palm

In this post, our Research Coordinator Matt Palm draws on evidence from ALDTREC, A Living Database of Research on Transportation Equity in Canada, to… Read More

amanda-marie-0hgeitsgy7m-unsplash (1)
22 Feb 2022
How the Canadian population gets to work
Kate Hosford & Meghan Winters

In this post Meghan Winters, Academic Lead of the Transportation Modes Theme, and Kate Hosford, PhD Candidate at Simon Fraser University, provide a… Read More

Maps & Data
1 Feb 2022
Transit Access to Food Banks
Jeff Allen & Matt Palm

PhD candidate Jeff Allen analyzed changes in access to food banks in Toronto after 21 new locations opened during the COVID-19 pandemic. The… Read More

25 Jan 2022
Mapping transit equity: finding the right amount of nuance
Willem Klumpenhouwer

In this post, Willem Klumpenhower, a Postdoctoral Fellow with MJ partner Transit Analytics Lab, discusses how to map transit equity issues for decisionmakers. Using… Read More