Activity 3

Innovative Pilots & Policies

Academic lead: Sherwood Plant - City of Vancouver
Partner lead: Matthew Palm - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

New transportation technologies like e-scooters and ridehailing (Uber/Lyft) are changing how many people travel. At the same time, policy innovations like bus-rapid transit and mobility pricing are giving policymakers new ways to improve our transportation system. Many of these changes are implemented without a rigorous evaluation of equity impacts. Some of these policies and technologies are sold to decision-makers as advancing equity, despite a lack of evidence backing these claims. 

The Innovative Pilots working group will fund 8 equity evaluations of new transportation technologies or innovative policies that are being piloted in the real world. Each evaluation will be conducted by a team that includes academics, government agencies, and community groups who can ensure the analysis is inclusive of community voices and is empirically rigorous. Results from these evaluations will be synthesized into reports and interactive online tools that will help planners implement the policy or technology innovations that advance equity.

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