Mobility Equity Workshop

22 Jun 2021 - 22 Jun 2021
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Mobilizing Justice held its inaugural workshop on June 22, 2022 attracting over 150 people. The workshop, led by Jay Pitter, overviewed concepts of mobility justice and equity for MJ participants to help us build a shared understanding of these important issues. Below is a summary of the major topics covered at the event:

Unequal access to mobility options has largely defined the city’s physical and social landscape. Migration, segregation, imposition of car-centric infrastructure, climate crisis displacement, uneven distribution of transit investments, and inaccessible street and public transit design exemplify unequal access to safe, healthy, dignified, and joyful mobility options. A rigorous mobility equity lens is required for resolving these and other issues. Led by Jay Pitter, the Mobility Equity Workshop unpacked:

  • Histories of mobility injustice across North America, with a primary focus on Canada;
  • Invisible and visible mobility barriers faced by equity-seeking groups along with case studies;
  • Key mobility equity pillars and principles;
  • Intersectionality theory within the context of mobility equity;
  • High-level recommendations for integrating a mobility equity lens into working group plans.

The workshop concluded with a Q+A. A recording is available as a training resource for Mobilizing Justice students who are new to issues of transportation equity.

Attendees at the June 2021 Mobility Equity Workshop pose for a ‘team photo’