Mobilizing Communities: Grassroots Case Studies Exemplifying Responsive Mobility Equity 

31 Jan 2023 - 31 Jan 2023

January 31, 2023: 12:00-1:00PM EST.

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Join us for the online launch of “Mobilizing Communities: Grassroots case studies exemplifying responsive mobility equity.” This report is authored by Jay Pitter, Mobility Equity and Research Consultant for Phase 1 of the Mobilizing Justice Partnership. Ms. Pitter centres the voices of leaders across Canada who are advancing mobility justice in their communities. Featuring 10 case studies, the report highlights mobility gaps, tangible community action and key lessons pertaining to a diverse range of challenges and local contexts.

The grassroots mobility equity initiatives unpacked in the report address issues such as women’s safety, rural isolation, police profiling, lack of safe cycling infrastructure and the need for community connectivity across all life stages. Through compelling storytelling, coupled with mobility equity theory and practice analysis, this document serves as a critical resource for scholars, practitioners, decision-makers and grassroots advocates themselves. It not only amplifies community knowledge; it is a model for explicitly curating and centring community knowledge within institutional processes.

The Mobilizing Justice Partnership honours and celebrates community leaders who have been advocating for mobility justice long before this research project was initiated. By curating these case studies, summarizing  key themes and culminating with a call-to-action checklist, Jay Pitter Placemaking has provided the Mobilizing Justice Partnership with critically important insights that can be integrated across all research themes as a way of supporting community-led action.